Awesome Minecraft Seeds For Xbox 360

Awesome Minecraft Seeds for Xbox 360

A majority of Minecraft players are probably well aware that they can play their favorite game on a variety of different platforms, including their PCs, Xbox consoles and even their mobile devices.

Although it is essentially the same game, there are some important differences to note between the versions, and this article will try to briefly list these differences and also give you some hints on how to find awesome Minecraft seeds for Xbox.


What Are Awesome Minecraft Seeds for Xbox?

First things first, some people may be unaware of what the ‘seeds’ concept actually is. Yes, believe it or not, not everyone out there is a hardcore player familiar with every secret of the game. This explanation should come in very handy for those of you who are newer to Minecraft and can help you enjoy the game in a whole new way.

When you first start a Minecraft game, your world will be generated at random, using various parameters. There’s no real point in listing them here because they are not important for the purpose of this article. All that you need to know is that the game generates a landscape that you, as a player, can mine, explore and create in.

Minecraft Seed Showcase

The problem with this is that you are often given a radically different landscape than you were perhaps hoping for. You may have had all sorts of ideas about what exactly you want to build and how you’d like your mini-world to look. Therefore, you’ll need the correct starting point to achieve these design dreams.

This is where Minecraft seeds come into play. Every created world is assigned a unique numerical identifier (ID) which players can record in order to reload a given landscape.

This feature can be used to give players a much better idea of the world they will have at their disposal.


Differences Between Minecraft for PC and Xbox

For most people, a choice of platform will be determined by the device they already own, but for those who have both Xbox and PC, it is good to know what are some essential differences between the versions.



Size of the map

One of the most notable differences between the PC and Xbox versions is that PC offers a much bigger (essentially infinite) world map to work with. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Xbox, so the entire exploration and colonization phase is much shorter.


Playing online

PC players are no doubt well aware of how multiplayer works for Minecraft. You need to either connect to a remotely hosted server or run one on your own. There are no such issues on Xbox, as playing with your friends is as simple as starting an “Online Game”.


Local Multiplayer

As one would expect, the Xbox version also offers a local multiplayer option. This can be enjoyed by up to four players from the same room. It’s that simple, you only need an HD TV to play this mode but you probably already have one anyway if you’re an Xbox gamer.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft for Mobile, also known as the Pocket Edition, is available for all platforms: Android, iOS and Windows phones. It is essentially the same game, but obviously adapted for a phone interface. There are also several multiplayer options available.

Of course the visual experience is somewhat limited by the screen size. However, hardcore Minecraft fans can certainly appreciate having their favorite game readily available in the pocket at any time.


 A few Awesome Minecraft Seeds for Xbox

Going back to the Xbox, players choosing this as their preferred platform, can find a number of awesome seeds readily available to serve as a playground for your creative vision.

We will only list a few here but those good people of the internet have shared a great number across different blogs and forums. So happy hunting!

  • 572343264: Considered by many one of the best Xbox seeds around, with forests, caves, mountains and much more.
  • 712066610: Those who prefer seeds with villages will feel at home here. Nine villages and five blacksmiths are awaiting your design ideas.
  • 130153727: Not your everyday choice. This seed will be perfect for those whose vision includes a lot of snow and mountains and not much else. Still, for the right visionary, this could be a heaven on ‘earth’.


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