Buy Minecraft Server: What To Consider

Buy Minecraft ServerSo, you want to buy a Minecraft server? It’s not a particularly hard thing to do but there’s definitely a lot of choice out there. This guide has been written to help you make the best choice possible when its time to buy a Minecraft server of your own.

It’s not always been as simple as it is today to run your own server. It’s only more recently that the necessary hardware involved has become affordable enough for the mass consumer market. These days the average computer you can pick up for a few hundred dollars are considerably more powerful than a high end machine from ten years previously.

If you want to run a server, you need two things. RAM (random access memory) and a relatively high internet speed. In order to operate a server, your computer needs to have a consistent high-speed connection. Until recently these too have been very expensive. Therefore, the majority of people would not have had access to either the necessary RAM or internet connection.

With the sudden influx of powerful but affordable computers, it is now reasonably easy to run a server for yourself. It’s important to use a dedicated machine to run your server on.

Buy Minecraft ServerOnce you have a machine that you can run the server on, you can start to think about buying a Minecraft server. You can buy one or rent one, both offer different advantages.

Buying means you own that server which is always preferable, but it will naturally cost you more. The other option is to simply rent one.

If you decide to rent your server, it’s a good idea to use a company that specializes in Minecraft servers.

We don’t really recommend renting a generic server from a company that does hosting. This is because it will likely cost you more in the long run. With dedicated Minecraft server providers, you can rely on the advice of experienced Minecraft server operators.


There are a lot of good companies out there… is one recommended website mainly because they know how to deal with gamers. They are well used to providing gaming servers and know about the specific demands that they require. If you tell them your needs they’ll specialize a package for you that will meet your expectated traffic needs.


How many players you want?

Minecraft PlayersNaturally, the more players you will want to host at any given time, the deeper you’ll have reach into your wallet. You can start at four players if you want to play with your friends, or you could host as many as sixteen (or even more) players for an increased price. The four player servers will naturally be cheaper.

You can expect to pay, on average, $7 a month vs. the $18 for the 16-player option. For these prices, you should find quality, honest services and several of them (all over the internet!)


The advantages of choosing custom solutions

There are several advantages these custom solutions (companies that sell specific gaming servers) can offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones, why they are so crucial and what it is that they can offer you:


Additional options (addons):

This is the most important feature to look for when shopping for a server. Setting them up is not always easy, but it’s still easier than finding them one by one before integrating them on your server, especially if you don’t know how to do it.


Expert help:

Gaming servers can suffer specific problems and therefore require different expertise. First hand experience goes far in the tech industry and server providers are no exception. A company that sells gaming servers, will have the much needed expertise and will make your life much easier. A random web hosting company will not know anything about your game or how to optimize the server settings for it.

The same will not be true about a company like ClanForge, who specializes in multiplay game servers. They have the expertise, which means that their customer service will likely have the expertise too. You will want to choose a company like that and the whole process will become much more simple.



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