Hosting A Game Server For Minecraft

Hosting A Game Server For Minecraft

Cheap Minecraft HostingWith its immense popularity, it’s small wonder that hosting a game server for Minecraft is a hot topic these days.

In order for players to enjoy multiplayer mode, Minecraft requires either paying a fee to the publishers or setting up a hosting server. These do not come for free either, unless you host one on your own PC.


Hosting a Game Server Yourself

Cheap Minecraft HostingAt first glance, hosting a server yourself may seem like a good idea, as it’s free. However, it does have a few downsides that you need to be aware of before proceeding:

  1. Technical knowledge – although hosting your own server is not overly complicated, you will need to setup everything yourself in order to run the game smoothly and for other users to be able to connect.
  2. Powerful PC – you will need a fairly powerful PC for everything to run properly. Fast processing speed and a lot of RAM are a must if you want to host a server yourself and actually enjoy it.
  3. Running your PC 24/7 – in order to host your own server, you will need your PC running 24/7, otherwise it will not be available when users want to connect. Of course, you could just run it occasionally for a few friends, but that is less than ideal.


Renting a Server

All the problems mentioned above practically go away if you decide to go host a Minecraft server remotely. You’ll only require the minimum technical knowledge and you could have your server up and running within minutes of completing the registration process.

You will not have to worry if a hosting computer has enough power. Servers are built in such way to be able to handle multiple requests from different clients without any issues. Crashes will be far fewer and this will translate in much more enjoyable gaming experience.


Do it Cheap

Right about now you’re probably thinking how all that sounds nice, but it probably also costs a lot of money. Unless you did some research on the topic beforehand, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that you can actually get your own cheap Minecraft hosting for about $1-$2 a month!

Of course, the price will depend on your particular requirements. If you want to host a game for about twenty players, then you will not have to pay more than a few dollars.

Those wanting to host games for more than one hundred players may need to pay around $20/month. They should also consider that running a server for this big a player field would be virtually impossible on their own PC, with a few rare exceptions.

If you are a dedicated Minecraft player and someone who really wants to host a serious server, $20 a month (which seems to be the upper limit in the category of cheap hosting) is really not that much.

These more expensive packages usually come with a guarantee of good hardware, DDoS attack protection, dedicated IP addresses and some other perks that really make it worth a few bucks.

With nearly instant setup, easy to use tools for tweaking things and backing up information, and round the clock support, cheap Minecraft hosting beats self-hosting by a fair length for any serious gamer looking to host.



When making a decision about hosting your own Minecraft server, the most important thing you need to have in mind is how serious you are about it all. For some people, Minecraft is just a game and a way to kill a few hours a day here and there.

Others take it more seriously and for many, it has become a very important (and sometimes lucrative) hobby.

If you want to host a server for any type of serious players, your own PC will probably not cut it. If you happen to have a beast of a machine sitting in your room collecting dust, then go for it. This is not the case for most people, however. So, with prices of remotely hosted servers ranging from $1 – $20 a month, it’s not too expensive to use a professional hosting service.

You won’t have any problems finding a decent hosting company ready to have your server up and running in minutes. The few bucks it will cost you will certainly be well worth it.




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