Combat Pigs Minecraft Mod Guide

Modifying the content of Minecraft is great fun and provides for a constantly evolving gaming experience. One of the most interesting modifications we’ve come across is Combat Pigs Plus+. This article hopes to provide some information about the popular game coding patch. If you’re interested in Combat Pigs, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is the Combat Pigs modification

Using this modification, your character can take control of three new types of combat pigs. Just create a saddle in order to harness any pig you find in the world of Minecraft. To create a saddle you need five leather and one iron ingot. Put a saddle on the pig of your choice and you’re ready to go. You can control your new steed once you have mounted it in exactly the same way you control your characterminecraft.
Every pig is generated or randomly appears in the Minecraft world. Pigs spawn naturally in the Minecraft environment, so keep your eyes open.


Combat Pig Download:

Click here to get to the mod download page


Each type of combat pig has their own unique combat ability:

1. The Combat Pig is the most common of all the mountable pigs. The regular combat pigs are just a cute, little pig, only it’s equipped with a machine gun! These pigs are common, and can be found throughout the Minecraft world. This piggy has the ability to shoot bullets, rapidly killing your enemies. One interesting thing is the combat pig’s rounds cannot hurt other pigs.
2. The anti-personal APSN mine deployment pig or AR pigs have the ability to drop mines. These mines cannot be detonated by yourself or your pig. When placing mines be careful because they are sensitive and powerful. You can kill yourself if the mine is triggered by the enemy. The AR pigs, when you press “F” leaves a mine on the ground. When the mines explode, they are incredibly destructive. The mines are capable of blowing a large crater in the ground killing all enemies around. One bonus is that once the mines are placed, you can hit them to move them into the desired position or closer to the enemy.
3. Valkyrie rapid deployment A9 air combat pig can shoot missiles from the air. Fly this pig through the skies, launching missiles at your  enemies. Valkyrie pigs can shoot from the air, but aiming can be a challenge. It’s advisable to shoot just above your target in order to get a direct hit. Valkyrie pigs are incredibly rare and hard to find, but well worth the effort.


How to use Combat Pits in Minecraft

Hold the space bar to fly and shoot the pig’s weapons from the sky. The machine gun actually has a smoking barrel when you fire it. You can fly the pig very high and it travels very quickly, however the pig does not float down to the Minecraft world very fast. If you need to you can always jump off your pig to get back down to the ground quickly.

You can capture all the combat pigs in the Minecraft world. The combat and AR pigs are usually kept in regular pens, with fences. The Valkyrie pigs when captured are usually encased in a glass pen. minecraft pig

Use your weapon to break the glass and release the pigs. Collect as many combat pigs as you can and get ready for battle. Remember to take good care of your combat pigs, and they will help you when you need them.


Advantages of Combat Pigs

There are some pretty obvious advantages of the combat pig. If you get attacked by a mob in the game, your pig will take the damage. Your character has the ability to ride the pig into battle, to shoot/fire click simply press the “F” key.

If you hit the pigs they will speed up and can run around, giving your combat pig an advantage in battle. Conquering a mob in the world of Minecraft with your pet pig is made really simple.

The sound effects of the pig’s weapons are pretty amusing. The Minecraft modification Combat Pigs Plus+ is very fun to play around with. It’s great fun riding your pig around and causing havoc and destruction.

Author of Minecraft Modification: Combat Pigs Plus + is Niceonegunit. Version: 1.1. Minecraft: v.1.2.5Modloader required: YES Audiomod required: NOSMP Compatible: NONo Extra Requirements makes it easy to install.


Combat Pigs YouTube demonstration videos:


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