Do Minecraft Mods Have Viruses?

Do Minecraft Mods Have VirusesIf you’ve been playing Minecraft a lot you’ll most likely have heard about all the fantastic additional content that users can unlock within the game through the process of modding. For those of you who are totally unfamiliar with the concept of modding, then perhaps our modding guide will make for more useful reading for now. If you already know a little about the concept but are a little concerned with downloading strange programs and files to your expensive machine, then read on. We’ll be answering an important question today: Do Minecraft mods have viruses?

Knowing whether or not you are installing a harmful program to your computer is obviously a big concern. Today, all sorts of dishonest people cryptolocaker virusare lurking in the corners of the world wide web and they would like nothing more than to infect your equipment with some kind of virus. Malware, viruses and adware are all rife on shady download sites and it’s important to know how to defend yourself against them. After all, no avid miner wants to spend days fixing a machine when they could be hunting for diamonds deep within the ground!


1. Installing a good virus protection software

While ‘free’ is definitely an attractive word, it’s worth considering investing a little in a decent anti-virus package. Sure, there are some workable free solutions out there but if you’ve spent a lot on your computer system it hardly makes sense to scrimp on its protection. You just can’t expect the same level of security with a free product and that is understandable.

One of the biggest let downs of anti-virus software is the updates. Being as virus protection is a reactionary product, it is vital that you are protected from the newest forms of malicious software as soon as they are recognized. This can only be achieved with a regularly updated piece of software and you will often find that free versions are less inclined to provide the necessary amendments until it is too late.

Search online for popular paid for packages or ask your friends for their recommendations.


2. Always backup your game

Even if a mod does not hide any viruses, whatsoever, it can still mess up your game. Remember, Minecraft does not have official mods, the developers instead allow anybody to create modified content for the game. That’s simultaneously the beauty and the curse of open source software.

The main problem is the sheer number of mods out there. Without a standard in place, there are a lot that are simply not up to scratch, and will likely mess up your game if you install them. This is where the backup comes into the picture. Do it frequently. You can backup too little but never too much!


3. Those pesky download buttons

There are sites that were developed for the sole purpose of generating ad money. Some do this in a respectable manner by putting out one or two bigger banners and no pop-up ads, but other sites will have no regard for the user experience, putting up ads all over the place.

Pop-ups, fake download buttons, anything and everything that is annoying must be avoided! Beware of such sites, because those big, shiny download buttons will often take you to somewhere else, or even ask you to install malware or viruses under the guise of a piece of software you wanted!


4. Find a respectable site

Luckily, there are numerous Minecraft mod sites out there that are run by fans of the game, and not greedy individuals who wants to take advantage of the game’s popularity by bombarding users with ads. and are good places to look around.

Another way of increasing your chances of avoiding anything dangerous, is to always take a look at a mod before downloading it. The trick is to look for in-game images. If there are none, you should forget about that particular mod, unless it’s from a very high quality site. If there are pictures, you can feel safer.


forumsForums also have mod sections, and they are much more dependable than downloading anything from a separate site.

If the mod is dangerous, the moderators will delete it and there’s a good chance you won’t even see it. If it’s still there, the posters will likely warn others about it.

There are sites with fake comments but the trained eye can usually spot these easily. These posts are usually similarly worded, often with broken English. It’s rare when somebody puts in enough effort for it to get passed the shrewdest members of a forum community.


Summary of do’s and don’ts

  • Buy a quality, dependable anti-virus software with a diverse database
  • Make sure you download your mods from a popular Minecraft site
  • Do not download mods from ad-sites
  • Always make a backup of your saves



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