How Much Is Minecraft?


How much is Minecraft to buy? Are there any additional charges? Can I buy one copy for my entire household?

All of these are legitimate questions for the Minecraft newbie and this article aims to answer them, and more.


Introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft is a game published by Mojang that can be played on a variety of different platforms. These include Xbox, Playstation, PC and mobile phone. The game itself was released in 2011 and was created by a Swedish programmer called Markus Person.

Minecraft allows players to build constructions using textured cubes of various materials. It enables gamers to craft, battle, explore and gather resources as they adventure through different maps.


There are a couple of different game modes that players can select from on start-up.


Firstly, there is the Creative Mode. This option focuses more on construction and design. Players have access to an unlimited supply of resources which they can use to create whatever they please, be it castles, farms, mansions or sculptures.

The other game-mode is called Survival Mode. Players who opt to play Minecraft in this manner will be faced with a much more hostile and challenging world. Resources are limited and everything needs to be created by hand to enable a player’s proliferation in a given landscape.


Gamers can also enjoy the game with others online. The multiplayer options open up even more exciting aspects of Minecraft.


So, how much is Minecraft?

Originally a PC only title, Minecraft has expanded and is now available for use on mobile devices and consoles. As gaming console and deviceswith many purchases, the price will depend on exactly which version you want and where you buy it from.


The various platforms make for a slightly different gaming experience. However, players will still enjoy the same core features of the game, regardless of which version they are playing.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition can cost as little as $6.99. This is the cell phone version of the game.
  • The price is $19.99 for a new copy of the Xbox or Playstation edition, less, of course, second-hand.
  • Minecraft costs $26.95 for a game code for the PC version on Amazon and Steam.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode for Xbox or Playstation costs from $21.90 to $32.98 brand-new, less if you buy a used copy.


Gamers can purchase the necessary codes from Amazon. If they’re feeling particularly generous they can buy an gift card for a friend or relative. This allows the new player to choose the correct version of the game for their home-entertainment hardware themselves.


As well as downloading the game to their device, users can purchase the software in the more traditional, CD format. This will most likely be the case for gamers wishing play Minecraft on their Playstation or Xbox without using up all of its internal memory.


Additional charges?

The mobile version of the game may incur additional charges if the player wants to use their own mobile data to access the servers. If you have Minecraft for your mobile device, it’s definitely worth investing in an unlimited data plan, or just staying near a WiFi hot spot.

Depending on the chosen version, you may be required to pay a service fee to setup a Minecraft account. This is usually in the form of an activation code for a new account. Players can buy these codes for themselves or others in order to play the full unrestricted game online.

Once fully purchased, players can download all additional plug-ins and updates for free. They include the Minecraft map, building guides, general updates and different world updates. This constant support from the developers helps to improve the performance of the game and, thus, the experience of the player.


Versions of Minecraft

There are two main versions of Minecraft. They are the PC version and the console/portable versions. While the main aspects of the game will be very similar on each edition, players will notice some subtle differences. These predominantly relate to the way the action is controlled as different gaming hardware makes use of different controllers.


The different platforms Minecraft is currently available for are:

  • Personal computers
  • Pocket Edition (mobile devices)
  • Raspberry Pi Edition
  • Console versions.


What do you need to know as a parent?

If you’re considering treating the kids (and maybe yourself) to a copy of Minecraft then there are a few things to consider. Firstly, if you have more than one child who wishes to enjoy the game then you will likely need more than one account. This is because only one instance of an account can be accessed at a time. Buying just one account might be an option if you’re just planning on sneaking a quick game on the kid’s account after bedtime. However, we all know what children can be like and if the purchase proves popular in your house, arguments over ‘whose turn it is’ are inevitable.


If money is tight and you have multiple children wanting to play, it is possible to set up a world for each of your children. This will require you to enforce a strict schedule of who gets to play and when and might prove more stressful than being without that extra $20. It’s worth noting that certain features of the multiplayer mode will be difficult to use and the scores associated with the account will belong to the family, not an individual. While multiple users can enjoy single player mode on a single account, simultaneous use is still, unfortunately, not a possibility.


The online multiplayer mode, while it is great fun and for the most part safe, can be a concern for parents. Being as there is a chat option on the game, there is no way to know exactly who is saying what to your children and this is something that parents need to be aware of.



* Information correct as of June 2016


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