Minecraft Achievement Generator Guide

Minecraft Achievement GeneratorSometimes it can feel like life is simply too hard. There are days when raucous applause because your socks match should not be considered gratuitous or strange. It’s just like that sometimes.

Humanizing is tough. Sadly, nobody but your mother or best friend might congratulate you on your color coordination when you didn’t even open your eyes until after breakfast. But, doggone it; you did something great even though it wasn’t incredibly difficult.

After a day of no one recognizing your epic achievements of walking and talking, you enter the world of Minecraft where you are the master of the reality.

Even if the rest of the ‘real’ world don’t appreciate your effort, you can now make your time in Minecraft more self-congratulatory with the addition of self-generated achievements. This means you can give yourself a pat on the back for completing even the smallest task.


How Does it work?

minecraft achievement generatorThe evolution of gaming can be dizzying and intimidating for the casual gamer. Forty years ago there were no saves or cheat codes for “Pong”. You played until you lost, and then you started all over again.

Although the novelty of gaming meant it inherently drew an audience who oooh’d and ahhhh’ed ever flick of the wrist and patted players on the back for every win and loss, today’s games have evolved dramatically.

Many of today’s games require a significant investment of time, energy, focus, and money to reach a 100% Achievement level, thus winning the game.

Games log your every move, and sometimes, you’re rewarded for your efforts with “Achievement” badges. You could be recognized for meeting a game play milestone, or for killing a certain number of enemies. A lot of times achievements seem random, but they all tally up to move you toward completing the game.

Minecraft turns the gaming world on its head. There are ‘canned’ achievements to obtain throughout your gaming mode, but with an ever-evolving game like Minecraft, you probably will never reach that illustrious 100% achievement rating.

The Minecraft community has taken randomness and game-play to another level by self-generating achievements within the game. When you create your own achievements, you can pat you and your friends on the back for whatever you like.


Did you build a mountain side chalet?

Boom. Achievement. Add a cup of creamy cocoa or some skis to your badge. Plug in some text. Save it and share it.


Did you slay all the bats in the realm?

Voila. Achievement. Maybe choose a shovel for your icon. Add some text. Save it and share it.

The possibilities are literally as varied as your own imagination.

What is it?

MinecraftMinecraft is, by nature, malleable. With a little bit of image manipulation and coding, the game can become your game. There are no change requests that have to go through endless committees of developers and test markets before the end-user will see their dreams realized.

And, it will not cost a small fortune for an update, or worse, you will not be encouraged to fork over your hard-earned cash for a new version of the game when the old one is still as entertaining as the first day you logged on.

The changes you make will affect how you interact with your Minecraft world. The very spirit of Minecraft is of creativity. Your adventures will lead you to build amazing things, so why not channel Kanye and force the world to acknowledge your genius and ingenuity with your very own achievement badges for all to see.


Instructions on its use

Choose what efforts you’d like to acknowledge, then create an Achievement Badge by downloading a maker or using a generator of someone else’s design.

  • Locate an Achievement Generator on the Minecraft servers that you wish to use
  • Choose your icon from a drop-down list of styles. There are hundreds, if not thousands of images to choose from, so pick whatever matches your achievement idea. There are both 2D and 3D designs to choose from. Get fancy by manipulating the icon in a graphics editor to create animated GIFs.
  • Enter your Achievement title
  • Add your signature or tagline, or whatever you’d like in the description or bottom text
  • Display your awesomeness for all who cross your path to gawk over.
  • Generously share your achievements with those you deem worthy.

What keeps Minecraft enthralling to the players who have built a robust community is that the game is ever-changing. Players can do what they like and create their own worlds with their own rules.

An Achievement Generator simply adds another level of customization to an already dynamic gaming experience.



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