Minecraft Building Packs

What are Minecraft building packs?

Minecraft building packs are great for the beginner or the intermediate player who may be suffering from “builders-block”. Much like writers block, this condition affects the creativity of sufferer and can lead to uninspired creations.

Let's Build with Minecraft Building PacksThe Minecraft community is filled to the brim with lots of inspiration for those of you who want to build mighty structures but are unsure where to start. Sometimes you might even have a really specific idea and you just have no idea how to begin such a task. For these times players can make use of a variety of building packs which provide guidance and inspiration for a wide range of projects.

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Minecraft building packs examples

Take a look at the Instant Structures pack for over 50 new structures you can make from a single item. This helps you create more decorative houses and palaces on a grand scale, as well as cool random things like a construction crane, and the Blockade Runner from Star Wars! This add-on is for Minecraft versions 1.7.2 / 1.7.10

Buildpak is a Creative Mode building pack made by a collaborating team, including veteran Minecrafters SI1pg8r and Jotato. It includes epic constructions such as beautiful gardens, hummingbird feeders, owls, frogs, and all types of other features for use in and around spectacular cathedrals and other amazing buildings. They used DecoCraft for a lot of the program.

The Babylon Project makes a completely awesome New York City circa 1936. These are the real buildings from the Art Deco period and includes a lot of buildings that are no longer present. You can create the Woolworth building, Wall Street & Trinity Church, the Tribune building, and the Broadway Savings Institute.

Anyone who has fallen in love with the crazy cool and awe inspiring NYC will love to have these features in their Minecraft world. http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/new-york-city-1940s/

The Golden Pack 1.7.10 contains very smooth (almost cartoon-like) textures in your empire. http://resourcepack.net/the-golden-resource-pack/

Of course, you can always skip the real world and join Captain Jack Sparrow on some adventures with the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Resource Pack 1.8.8 – http://resourcepack.net/pirates-of-the-caribbean-online-resource-pack/


Why use Minecraft building packs

Generally speaking, construction packs and instant builds are fun for novelty or particularly difficult items like the Taj Mahal. Minecraft is popular because you can do practically anything it it and, with the lack of rules and story line driven demands (excepting Survival Mode), you can spend as much or as little time creating your Minecraft universe as you like.

Minecraft building packsPersonally, I prefer making my own worlds. I just created a beautiful underwater house that I’d love to have in the real world!


Minecraft building packs ideas

I’ve always been driven by the legend of Atlantis and the idea of swimming instead of walking to get around town, so one of the first things I created in my game was an underwater helmet and aqualung.

To make one yourself, be careful that you are healthy because digging underwater can give you damage points. Make sure it’s not close to night time and make sure you can get air as much as possible. These are great architecturally and a cool way to increase survival options.

I created mine in version 1.3_01 and included a major fortress as I spend a majority of my time underwater. To make a really effective fortification, you need to have a lot of dirt and glass ready. After the initial structure is built, you can spend time making it prettier and more effective for survival.

Sugar cane blocks water but not movement and you can use them as air to water doors but placement is restricted to sand or dirt. Definitely make a second door for an escape route if your beautiful underwater mansion floods and you need to vacate it rapidly!

Minecraft building packsJust remember that if you’re away from your keyboard for real, you can create an “AFK” pool really easily with fifteen or more blocks, a sign, water bucket, and a stair or slab. You can use these if you’re coming right back to the game because unless you have the AFK plugin, you could be kicked out.

Most servers kick players who are idle for over fifteen minutes, even if you use the AFK command.


Cons of Minecraft building packs

Minecraft Building Packs have a weakness for players like me – I get bored with the Instant Builds unless I’m looking for something really specific. I generally switch to playing a quest-driven game if I’m in the mood to look at really pretty graphics.



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