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Character list from Minecraft

All kinds of creatures inhabit the world of Minecraft. Some of them are friendly or useful to your survival, and some would like nothing more than to end your quest in the most unpleasant way possible. Whether hostile or friendly, the often mysterious creatures definitely compliment the already strong fantasy vibes of the game.

We’ve provided the following list so that you know exactly what to expect when your out adventuring in the sometimes scary but always entertaining world of Minecraft.


Hostile Mobs:

Blaze – Only created by designated mob spawners in the nether. They are not very pleasant and will blazeattack with a barrage of fireballs. These attacks are quite long ranged (up to sixteen blocks). When up close and personal, they make use of a devastating melee attack. Unlike most other mobs in the game Blazes do not avoid lava. Successfully killing a Blaze will reward the player with one blaze rod.


GhastGhasts float around the Nether causing unsuspecting adventurers all manner of troubles. They will only spawn in the Nether but will do so in any light conditions. Ghasts will drop gunpowder, experience and maybe a ghast tear when the player successfully ends their days. Like Blazes, they attack with fireballs, only they have a much longer range. With their ghostly white figures and hanging tentacles, they are certainly a terrifying sight, indeed.


Creepers – Creepers are an interesting mob in Minecraft. They have no regard for their own well-being and seem to exist only to cause problems for would-be adventurers. Creepers are small green figures with no arms and black facial features. They spawn in the Overworld in dark places and chase a player down until they are close enough to attack. Their only attack is for them to blow themselves up which, if caught, will cause considerable damage to a player and landscape. If you start to hear a Creeper’s hiss, you better get running! They grant the player experience and gunpowder when slain.

Creepers who are struck by lightening become ‘charged’. This makes their explosive power even more devastating. Charged Creepers are represented with a blue aura around their bodies.


Magma cubes – This mob is only found in the Nether and exhibit similar traits to the Overworld’s ‘Slimes’. Light imagma-cubes not a factor in where Magma Cubes will spawn and they are not selective about which area of Nether they form in. They attack by hopping and any time one touches a player, they cause damage. Luckily, they are not the smartest mobs in the game and will often hop straight off a nearby cliff. They sometimes drop magma cream for the player to collect.


Monster Egg (Silverfish Blocks in the Xbox 360 edition) – This block will spawn a Silverfish whenever it gets broken. They disguise themselves as regular stone-type blocks.


Silverfish – When a player accidentally mines a Monster Egg, they will be greeted by a group of angry Silverfish. Attacking one causes all the other Monster Eggs in the vicinity to explode, releasing their own Silverfish too.


Skeletons – A common mob in both the Overworld and Nether. These guys just love the darkness and will only spawn in low light or from monster spawners. Skeletons are equipped with bows and will unleash a torrent of arrows on any player getting in their way. Skeletons will drop arrows and sometimes bows along with any other items they may have collected.

Luckily, they do burn in sunlight but watch out for a couple of flaming arrows before they finally kick the bucket.


Slimes – Slimes only spawn deep in the Overworld crust. They are incredibly rare as they will not appear slimeunless there is a player nearby but will disappear if a player does not get within a certain distance of them. They come in four sizes: small, normal, big and huge. As their size increases, so too does their health and the potential damage they can dish out. They are green ‘blocks within blocks’ and move by bouncing around, causing damage on impact.


Spider Jockeys – Thought either a spider or skeleton was bad enough? Try combining the two. Spider Jockeys arespider-jockey pretty rare creatures in the world of Minecraft. The two creatures are somewhat independent of each other and killing one does not stop the other. Being as the spider controls the movement, it will not pursue the player but if the skeleton spots you, you can still expect a few arrows to come in your direction.


Witches – Witches either spawn in the night, or are created when lightening strikes a villager. There are all manner witchof items that a witch may drop when they are killed. These include: glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, spider eyes, sugar and sticks.

Witches can come equipped with a range of potions which have a variety of effects. Some weaken the player, others heal the witch and some provide special powers (such as water breathing). Being as they are adept at sorcery, witches are highly resistant to magic themselves.


Zombie – One of the most common hostile mobs in the game. Zombies walk aimlessly around, moaning and zombiegroaning with their arms outstretched. Like many other enemies in the game, they love the darkness and will only spawn at low light levels. Zombies can spawn in large groups near villages and cause all manner of problems for the inhabitants.

When killed the zombie might drop iron, carrots or potatoes and any naturally spawned equipment. It can also pick up items and will always drop these after death.

Zombies will burst into flames if caught out during daylight.


Zombie PigmanZombie Pigmen will only spawn in the Nether in any light conditions. They always come zombie-pigmenequipped with a golden sword that is a useful, expensive item for the player. When killed Zombie Pigmen will drop various forms of gold and may even drop their sword.

They are quite slow movers until they become aggressive but are not hostile by default. All Zombie Pigmen in the area will attack a player if one of them receives damage.


Wither skeleton – The Nether version of Skeletons, they only spawn in Nether fortresses at low light levels. wither-skeletonWhen killed they only really drop coal, bones and sometimes their skull. A player unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a Wither Skeleton’s stone sword will suffer the ‘Wither Effect’. This is a little like poisoning and turns the health bar black, inflicting one health damage every two seconds.

They can also pick up items that are dropped, such as weapons or armor.


Boss Mobs:

Wither – One of the bosses of the game. It is created by placing ‘soul sand’and Witherwither Skeleton skulls in a certain formation on the ground. When exterminated, the Wither will drop a nether star. The Wither can make itself explode but in doing so does not harm itself.

It can’t drown and is immune to fire and lava. It can also fire Wither skulls from all of its three heads independently.


Ender Dragon – Considered to be the main boss of the game, the Enderdragon is enderdragonprobably the toughest foe there is. It has 200 hit points and if that isn’t enough, it can heal itself if there are Ender Crystals nearby. The Ender Dragon spawns when the player finally reaches The End.

When defeated the Ender Dragon drops a vast quantity of experience.


Neutral Mobs:

Spider – Spiders are both a blessing and a curse in Minecraft. If it’s day time, they spiderwill happily let you go about your business as long as you don’t attack them first. At night, however, things are a little different.

Under cover of darkness, the spider’s hostility towards a player increases causing it to behave aggressively. These agile, creatures also have no problem scaling walls so just because you’re on high ground, doesn’t mean you are safe. Luckily, they do drop string when you defeat one, so they are kind of useful too.


Enderman – A very rare neutral mob that can only spawn in low light. While common at The End, they are not endermancommon
in the Nether or Overworld. They are a neutral mob that only attack if a player looks diretly at them. After noticing they are being stared at, they shriek and rush the player.

They are vulnerable to water and rain, however and will not attack if the player is wearing a pumpkin on their head.


Wolf – The wolf is an interesting Minecraft character. Their relationship with people is a neutral one. They can attack, ignore or befriend players, depending on their actions towards the wolf. wolf

In the wild a wolf tends to ignore a player, instead preferring to ambush rabbits, skeletons and sheep. When a wolf is hostile, they will growl with a straight tail and red eyes. When a wolf is tamed, its eyes will have a generally friendlier look about them. They also sport a fancy red collar, indicating ownership. Tamed wolves will defend a player from anything that causes harm to their masters. Taming a wolf is a useful way of expanding your defenses against some of the more hostile characters of Minecraft.


Utility Mobs:

Iron Golems – Iron Golems will spawn in a village if they have ten or more villagers. iron-golemThey will help to defend the inhabitants from attack from hostile mobs. They attack rated as one of the stronger in the Overworld section of the game.

Being essentially a neutral mob, a player can provoke an Iron Golem into aggression by attacking them or a nearby villager.


Passive Mobs:

Bat – A passive mob, usually appears in caverns.bat1

Bats do not drop items or experience when killed.


Chickens – They spawn in grassy areas and drop feathers and raw chicken when chickenkilled. They will drop the occasional egg. Throwing an egg sometimes yields a baby chicken.

Players can also breed chickens using seed.


Cow – Another passive mob which once killed, will give the player leather and raw beef.cow

A player can also use a bucket to milk a cow.


Horses – Exist in one of five forms in the game. These are horses, donkeys, mules,
zombie and skeleton.horse Horses and donkeys will spawn naturally, while mules are the offspring of breeding the two. Skeleton and Zombie horses must be summoned by a player.

Horses can be tamed and ridden by the player.


Mooshroom – A mutated cow, not a pleasant sight.mooshroom

Players can shear Mooshroom and will receive red mushrooms for doing so. Shearing a Mooshroom will transform it back into a regular cow.


Ocelots – Passive mob which players can tame. Similar to a wolf in this regard.ocelot

Once tamed an ocelot changes into a Cat and behaves accordingly.


Pig – Pigs spawn in well-lit areas and once killed, they will drop pork chops. If the player kills them by fire, the porkpig1 chop they will drop will already be cooked.

If  you have a mod you can even create Combat Pigs


Rabbit – Passive critters spawning all over the world of Minecraft.rabbit

They drop rabbit hide and raw rabbit when killed. Rabbits can be drawn to a player using carrots or dandelions.


Sheep – They spawn in grassy areas, can come in multiple colors. They can be drawn sheepto the player using wheat.

Players can shear a sheep to gather wool. When killed they also drop wool and raw mutton.


Snow Golem – Player created mobs being who are able to throw snowballs.


Squid – Passive mobs found in water.squid

Squids will drop ink sacks when killed.


Villager – Passive non-player characters that appear in randomly generated villages. The color of their robes relate to the villagers profession

The player can trade items with them. Villagers do not drop any items.villager



Hopefully, this guide will have helped you understand the various Minecraft characters and how to deal with them. With the right knowledge, tools and weapons at your disposal, you’ll be facing the final Ender Dragon battle in no time.


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