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Minecraft CheatsMinecraft is one of the most downloaded games around the globe and its popularity lies in its replication of human behavior.

Humans are naturally inclined to explore and better their own position in the world. The game targets this behavior and allows gamers a wide creative scope to design their own living conditions.

Another positive aspect is the simplicity of the game. All actions are completed using the same basic controls and different resources and items are clearly differentiated.

While it’s fun to play Minecraft in the traditional ‘fair’ way, it’s also entertaining to twist the rules for your amusement. This can add a real competitive element for you and your friends. The cheats that are possible allow for even more possible scenarios in the game. This, like other aspects of game-play, keeps the action fresh.

Minecraft CheatsThe Minecraft built-in console allows you to use several hacks and cheats in the game and there are many ways to do this.

For a single player game, you need to click on “More World Options” while starting the game and “allow cheats” on the next page and you are all set.

For a multiplayer environment cheats are enabled by the host of the game. This is either a person who has created the game or the one who hosts that LAN session. However, in multiplayer games, only hosts can use these cheats.


Let’s take a look at some of the tricks and cheats you might not have known:


1. Get items without looking for them

For obtaining an item, if you have the cheats on, you just have to look up the code (a number generally) and press “t” and then type /give (playername) (Minecraft item) (number) and the item appears in your inventory.

For example: abc Minecraft: diamond: 40


2. Quick switch to Survival Mode

By pressing the key “B” on the keyboard, you can switch from the creative mode to survival mode and by pressing B again, you travel back to the Creative mode.


3. Quick inventory drop

SHIFT + LEFT CLICK will help you take out items from your craft board, and put them into your inventory. Another way to do this is by left click and right click and alternate.


4. Quick House

If the daylight is fading and you don’t have enough time to build a house, fear not. All you need to do is dig into the earth, stick some torches up and put a door blocking the entrance. This will ensure that you are in a safe place when the monsters start to spawn after dark.


Minecraft infinite Cheats5. Getting unlimited resources

This is a cool feature. If you are playing in a creative mode and go into your inventory, you just have to press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 and you will get the maximum stack of that item in your inventory.


6. Double anything

First you have to take anything that you want to double and with a cobblestone, go outside and build upwords. When you cannot go any higher, jump down.

Once you die take up all the things that you have dropped when you “respawn” and go far away from the spot where you died. Go back to the home screen and delete the Minecraft history. Next, go back to the spot where you jumped. Now you have double of the item.


Minecraft Health Cheats7. Health Cheat

This cheat provides players with unlimited health:

  1. Open the cheat engine and click on the top left corner and then on Minecraft.
  2. For 20 health (10 hearts) type 20 in the value box.
  3. Take the damage and type the number of health codes you are left with.
  4. Repeat step c) till you have only one health code left. Now, drag it to the bottom and change its value to a very high number and activate. You will be left with unlimited health.


Apart from the codes mentioned, keep exploring the vast array of cheats and hacks. There are ones for finding dungeons or spawning giants/ender dragon, dupe glitch, move faster on ice, find diamonds, make coal from wood which are a few important ones. This collection of simple cheats and shortcuts will make your game even more interesting and entertaining.


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