Minecraft Commands

Minecraft CommandsMinecraft commands are advanced functions that can be activated in-game by typing various text.

They are used by players or operators, when they are linked to Minecraft servers. The commands can be typed in using the game client’s chat window or by the console of the server computer.

There are also operator-specific commands that can only be used by the operators of the server, and only when they type them into the chat box.

There is an exception – the admins using the server console. Regular players don’t see these commands, only the other operators.


Main Minecraft command types

1. Tell – It sends a message to the quoted player which only he or she can see. The message shows in the chat box like this: “playername whispers message”. It doesn’t hurt to remember that even though the other players will not, the admins do see the messages.

2. Me – It is a similar command to the /emote or /action command in the IRC clients. The /me will send a narrative message to the other players in the following form: “yourname command (like yourname fights a group of creepers).

3. Kill – By using this command you can do 1000 damage (which cannot be survived, not even in diamond armor).


Using commands in command blocks

Minecraft Command blocksThese commands may require the use of a player’s username. When the player is linked to a multiplayer server game, these commands will be used by the operators.

There is one exception, when the player who opened a LAN game uses the commands. In these cases they can even enable certain cheat codes like the ones above.

The cheats are enabled through the “More World Options” button. Depending on the specific settings, some of the commands can become available during the single player campaign as well (even when the cheats are not enabled).


Temporary cheat commands during game sessions

minecraft cheat commandsWhen the player is in LAN play there are certain temporary cheat commands available, provided that there weren’t any kind of cheats enabled at the time of the game world’s creation.

It is important to note that these commands will not be permanent but restart every time the player quits the session.


Relative coordinates can be specified

There are several commands in the game that allows the player to specify certain coordinates by using the tildes command. The tp sub-command allows teleportation, where the player can type in the x and z coordinates. Absolute coordinates can be mixed with the relative ones, involving height too.


Most used player Minecraft commands

  • /gamemode s = survival – turns on the survival mode.
  • /gamemode c = creative – turns on the creative mode.
  • /gamemode a = adventure – turns on the adventure mode.
  • /fly – the player can fly
  • /spawn [any animal] # – the player can spawn any animal


Most used operator commands

  • /grow all (/g all) – grows all plants to their maximum size and height.
  • /grow (/g) – grows a specific plant with the + on.
  • /grow (/g ) – grows all of a specific player’s plants.
  • /votekick (/vk) – initiates a vote kick for a specific players, at least 50% of all players have to agree.
  • /voteban (/vb) – initiates a banning process, 50% of all players and admins have to agree.
  • /votepardon (/vp) – a player can be pardoned if the above criterion is met (50% on all fronts)
  • /yes (/y) and /no (/n) a command to agree or disagree with something
  • /noclip (/ncp) – the player can go through anything (walls, plants, animals, monsters, etc.) and see the whole level but once the mode is turned off, the player goes back to the initial location of his or her avatar.
  • /mobstack
  • /mobspawner – changes the mob spawner
  • /mobspawner all – changes all mob spawner
  • – all the /gamemode commands can by typed as /gm 0 ,1 , 2, 3 or /gm s ,c , a, h.


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