Minecraft Creeper File

Minecraft Creeper file

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all-time. Its designers have always known how to create interesting game characters, without giving them the gift of speech.

The Creeper is clearly one of the more interesting characters. It quite possibly the most popular monster within the game.

Creepers have several interesting characteristics that we will soon talk about. If that’s not enough, they can also be heavily modded, giving them different capabilities and changing the game-play experience.

When you successfully dispatch a Creeper, they are known to drop various objects and although they can be quite scary, the game simply would not be the same without them.

We don’t exactly know why these creatures are arguably the most popular (and maybe most hated?) monsters in the game. Maybe it has something to do with the design, or their more exciting moments – or should we call them scares – that they are known to offer.

Either way, they are popular and that means the mods dealing with them will be too. But before we see them, let’s talk about Creepers in a little more detail.


The Creepers

But who are those creepers anyway? Well, they are monsters that naturally spawn in the game, in the Overworld, to be exact. They, however, only emerge on top of solid blocks that have a light level of seven or less.

Minecraft Creeper fileThey drop anything from zero to two gunpowder; that is if they are killed under normal circumstances. If their demise was brought upon by a skeleton arrow, they drop something different.

Well, they may or may not do that but there is a chance at least that they will drop either a gold, or a green record. Again, only if they are killed by a skeleton’s arrow. If they are killed by the player or his or her tamed wolf, they will simply drop exactly five experience points.

Creepers do not discriminate when it comes to chases, and when they catch you… Well, this are not good news. They will run after any player if they get closer than a sixteen block radius (four blocks horizontally). The mob head reduces this distance to eight blocks.

Minecraft Creeper fileThey are deadly because they usually don’t give any indication of the player’s impending doom.

They will creep up on the player, hence their name. Sometimes they will give out a hissing sound but that’s pretty random and that sound can also be mistaken for other things in the game.

In any case, they will wait until they are close to the player and then they’ll explode, which is not good news for the player.

These creatures are not especially strong, they only have twenty health points but at the same time, they can dish out a maximum damage of forty-nine without being charged, and ninety-seven while charged with lightening.

By using a flint and steel, the player can make them explode from a safe distance, however. Phew.

Minecraft Creeper files

Minecraft Creeper fileThe Forge is one of the better sources for getting Creeper files. You can find a large selection here . It’s a very good resource for providing quality content on the game. When it comes to the creepers, there are various types listed there with different capabilities, delivering something different to the game-play experience each time.

The Creepers are fan favorites for a reason, which means the mods dealing with them will be extremely popular as well. As far as the layout of the site goes, you will not see anything that is not straightforward to use. For starters, the downloading process is extremely easy and will not be a problem.

All you have to do is to simply click on the little downward arrow next to the specific file that you want, and the process will automatically start in your browser. Once you have the file, you can install it by using any number of Minecraft modding tools in your possession.

These files can thoroughly change the game-play experience, but you should try them out separately, keeping the core game files intact.



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