Minecraft Forums: Ones We Like

Minecraft ForumsWhy are Minecraft Forums Awesome?

Minecraft forums can be a great place to find useful information about the smash-hit video game.

Some elements of the game of Minecraft are a little tricky to work out alone, so this is where the forums can come in handy. On the forums you will find a large community of experienced players who can give new players hints, tips and tricks.

As well as handy advice, Minecraft forums are also where players can share their own created maps and modifications to the game. These saved worlds and modification codes can make your gaming experience even more rewarding and player’s can enjoy some great content with a few clicks.


Which Minecraft Forums are Awesome?

Minecraft Forum: www.minecraftforum.net

Minecraft Forums

Of course, no discussion of Minecraft forums would be complete without considering the official forum itself.

The site contains all kinds of useful information including which servers are currently active, which are the highest ranked and also loads of new updates for different servers.

The forum is a great place to communicate with other players, share your ideas with them and learn new skills and tips from more experienced users.

To gain access to the forum you will have to register an account using your e-mail address and create a password. After you create your account, you’re all set. You can enjoy all the features of the forum and communicate with the global Minecraft community.

The forum itself is brilliantly organized and has tons of useful information for the average and more advanced gamer.



Minecraft central: http://mccentral.org/Minecraft Forums

At Minecraft Central there is also a very active forum. On their pages you will find everything from bug reporting and leader boards, to polls on created worlds

Here they have everything from bug reporting,
to leaderboards, to voting on whose world or platform you like best. It’s a great interactive resource and has loads of good information.

Minecraft Central often has general discussions on a variety of different topics including survival, factions, prison and mini-game discussions and there are a lot of cool and useful tips in this area of the forum too.

They even have free giveaways on the forum, so it’s well worth checking it out for yourself. The registration process for Minecraft Central is the same as for the official forums. All you have to do is make a username and password before you can post, but once you do, you will have access to the vast collection of information, contained within the pages.


Empire Minecraft: https://empireminecraft.com/forum/

Empire Minecraft also has a great forum. This one has a pretty neat feature that allows players to submit requests that the game creators themselves look at. This has led to several amendments to Minecraft, inspired by the player community. Minecraft ForumsThis means that some of your ideas could actually become a permanent part of the game!

Empire Minecraft is another forum where you can’t post as a guest, you must create a username and password combination.

Like Minecraft Central there is also the ability to vote on which member designed upload is your favorite.


Minecraft on Facebook

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that there’s an awesome Facebook site dedicated to the various forums available. It can be found by accessing: https://web.facebook.com/minecraftforums/?_rdr
Here you will find many links to other forums which have not been mentioned in this article. It’s regularly updated too, so you’ll always have any Minecraft news as soon as it breaks!

If you already have Facebook, then you won’t even have to make a username and password.


Of course, there’s a lot of other forums out there. The one’s listed here are just the most popular with the biggest memberships. If they’re not for you, feel free to search out another. With so much selection out there, you’re sure to find one that you enjoy and feel part of the community at.


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