Minecraft Homeschool: How To Use It

Minecraft HomeschoolBelieve it or not, Minecraft can be used to teach kids pretty much anything that they would learn in school. There are many subject areas that the game touches upon, from history, math, science and even English.

If you think about it, you can use the basic building tools in the game to learn some mathematical concepts. This ranges in complexity from addition and subtraction, to geometry and even basic calculus!

Some parents are even using Minecraft to teach history to their students or children. They might get kids to make scaled replicas of historical landmarks, and during the process teach them all about the structure from a historical standpoint. They may learn about medieval kings while they build a mighty fortress, or about the Stone or Iron Age while mining for resources.

It’s really cool to think that parents can use an online building game to help liven up their children’s lessons. For example, some parents ask their children to write out how to’s or building proposals for projects that they have made in order to help their kids work on their English skills.

Other parents concentrate on the mathematics aspect of the game. Here parents or teachers might create simple addition and subtraction problems using blocks. More advanced students may learn basic geometry and spacial awareness through stacking the various pieces. It’s also possible to create multiplication and division tasks using the crafting table. For example; if it takes four slabs of wood to make a window and you have sixty-four pieces of wood, how many windows can you make?

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Minecraft as a Teacher: What You Can Teach

Minecraft HomeschoolMinecraft can even be used to teach kids the basic principles of chemistry and physics.

The chemistry part can be taught using elemental Minecraft, which is a modification that can be used to teach the periodic table and how certain compounds are created through mixing elements.

One bonus to learning chemistry like this is that there is no danger to the child or the teacher and no specialist equipment is required.

Teachers can make use of Minecraft to teach physics as well. Here kids can learn how structures are formed using the geometric blocks.


Why Use Minecraft to Teach

The biggest advantage of learning through Minecraft is that children get to use their problem solving skills that they have learned throughout the game in a somewhat real-life example. This gives them a sense of accomplishment when they complete a task to the plan that they have set in place.

Some parents may wonder how they could possibly teach their child anything using an online video game. However, the game does teach some very important skills, and in a fun and interactive way. When children are entertained and engaged they learn a lot more and it doesn’t even feel much like a lesson anymore!

http://www.learningliftoff.com/transforming-way-learn-minecraft-amazing-learning-tool/#.V19PVNQrKt_ This link shows in great detail why Minecraft can be so helpful as a learning tool for homeschooling parents, aside from the reasons that I have outlined above.


Does it work?

There will probably always be a bit of controversy as to whether Minecraft actually works well as a learning tool. But let me just say this: Almost 70% of schools in the US are now using Minecraft as a means of teaching their students.

That has to mean there is some merit to the point I am trying to make.


Minecraft Camps

I work for a Portland, Oregon personal injury lawyer for my day job, and I found out about a local Minecraft day camp for Kids in summer. This should be a great way for kids to combine learning, fun and social interaction. Plus it’ll also give me a break from the little ones over the long summer months!


Helpful Links:

Here are some helpful links for any parent who is currently homeschooling. You can explore the benefits and see if teaching with Minecraft would be right for you and your children.

All of the links below will give you more information about using Minecraft for homeschooling. They will also give you some help getting your children started should you decide to try it for yourself. To be honest, what can a little extra playtime hurt anyways?


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