Minecraft Maps Explained

 is a game that is adored by millions. It’s kind of a cross between Lego (only on your computer), the Sims and Lord of the Rings. This smash-hit game, which was developed by Mojang in year 2011, has become the hottest PC tMOJANG LOGOitle ever, with millions of players enjoying the game every month.


As well as single or multiplayer options, Minecraft is played in one of four different game-play modes:

  1. Creative
  2. Survival
  3. Adventure
  4. Hardcore


The PC version of the game also allows players to ‘mod’ certain elements of the game. A pretty neat feature indeed. Several modding sites have sprung up to support this growing trend within the game. These sites prMinecraft Mapsovide custom made skins, modes and texture packs that players can download and use. Players can even share their own custom made world with other players.

Some of the most popular sites are Minecraft Maps and Minecraft Forum with support forums like PC Gamer also containing modding threads.

Note: When downloading from unknown websites, always ensure that the files are safe and virus free.

One of the secrets behind the success off Minecraft is that it is constantly updated in terms of platforms, editions, skins, modes, features and so on which ensures that players remain excites and enthralled with new challenges.


Minecraft Maps

Minecraft randomly generates a map every time a player starts a new game. They can then change, build on, destroy or mine any part of the created world. This can lead to creative players making all kinds of crazy locations on Minecraft maps. Players can transform simple worlds into exciting puzzles or adventure complexes, or anything else they can imagine.

Players can then share maps that they have created with fellow gamers. They can download the maps that others have built too.


Some of the most popular downloaded maps are:

Adventure Maps: Adventure maps, just like their name suggests, help you to create an adventure and tell a story about it. They allow the player to direct the game as the man character of their own adventure. These maps provide instructions about what you can do and can follow the main story of the game.

Minecraft MapsSurvival Maps: Survival maps sometimes focus purely on survival. Players will be thrown into tough situations right from the get-go and be forced to come up with ingenious methods of survival. They can be really tough because there are some fiendish designers out there!

There are also maps which merge survival and adventure.

Puzzle Maps: Puzzle maps test your problem solving skills, just like in puzzle-type games. They consist of series of actions or tasks before they lead to the next puzzle. Finding a hidden button to press, or crafting an item with limited resources are just some of the many puzzles a player can solve on these Minecraft maps.

Parkour Maps: Parkour maps focus on reaching the finishing line as soon as possible and involve jumping challenges or puzzles on the way.


Along with these main types of maps, there are also the following:

  • creation maps
  • PVE (Player vs Environment) maps
  • Dropper Maps
  • Maze maps
  • CTM (Complete The Monument) maps
  • Horror maps
  • PVP (Player Vs Player) maps


Minecraft MapsInstalling Maps

In order to start enjoying all of the great challenges that Minecraft maps present, a player must first install them. This is a really simple process.

First, download whichever map you please. It will most likely be in a .rar or .zip folder, so make sure you have an appropriate program to extract the files to. Once you’ve extracted the necessary data, you simply drop the files into your Minecraft saved files. You should be able to find this by locating the file on your computer where Minecraft is located (usually in Program Files on Windows machines). When you next load up Minecraft, you should now be able to see the new maps in your ‘saved games’ menu during the game.


Sharing Maps

Players can share their maps by uploading them to various sites. There is often an approval process, however, which can take some time.

To ensure your map gets accepted try do ensure that all the points below are covered:

  • it should be complete
  • you should be the creator
  • the map should have a meaningful description
  • has images
  • should not require any Minecraft mod to work as per rules.


Hopefully, the above information will have helped you make a start at enjoying some of the additional game-play features of Minecraft. The exchange of maps online really adds a great community vibe to the world of Minecraft and can make for some really interesting gaming sessions. So what are you waiting for, why don’t you download a Minecraft map today?


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