Minecraft Mekanism Mod

Minecraft Mekanism ModThe game of Minecraft allows for the installation of “mods”. These are downloadable add-ons that can be incorporated into Minecraft to enhance the gaming experience.

Basically, they add a bunch of cool stuff to the game, which can include anything from new environments, tools, characters and materials.

One of the most innovative and popular of these mods is the “Mekanism” mod, but what exactly is it and should you have it?


What is the Mekanism Mod and what does it do?

The first thing to know about the Mekanism mod is that it is huge and provides almost countless alterations to the world. You would need to write a book to list all it does, but there are a few basics to know about this mod:

Minecraft Mekanism ModThe main function, as described by its developer Aidan C Brady, is to “[bring] low, mid, and high tier machinery to Minecraft.” What this means is that the player will be able to create new, stronger energy sources from which to power various machines.

These machines, in turn, can help you do incredible things like increase the production of ingots, create nearly indestructible obsidian armor and increase the productivity of your Minecraft world overall.

These machines are divided into four tiers. They are (in order of their power):

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Elite
  4. Ultimate

Using the generators available in Mekanism (from solar, to heat to wind turbine) you can create power grids which power these machines. The amount of energy you are able to generate, allows you to upgrade from one tier to the next. The highest tier, “the Ultimate,” generates millions of RF (electrical units).

Mekanism offers a range of other super useful machines that do a range of jobs. Some of them include:

  • Metallurgic Infuser – allows for some crafting and can generate enriched iron, refined dust and steel
  • Precision Saw Mill – breaks down woods and other materials back into their basic components.
  • Digiminer – mines various raw materials and stores them
  • Portable teleporter – teleports you to anywhere.
  • Charge pads – charges anything you place onto it.

Mekansim introduces many new objects that are anything from useful to silly. Some of them include:

  • Robit – a personal robot friend who follows you around, can teleport home, pick up items and can do basic smelting.
  • Atomic Dissembler – an advanced pick axe that can dig in various ways and at different speeds.
  • Scuba tank and gasmask – allows the player to explore deep underwater
  • Jetpack – powered by hydrogen, it allows the player to fly around the Minecraft world
  • Balloons – no reason really. Balloons are just awesome.


Why is it cool?

For those of you who are still wondering why they should get involved with this mod, even after reading the words “jetpacks” and “personal Minecraft Mekanism Modrobot friend”, there is one big reason that this is one of the coolest mods out there.

Not only does this mod provide great new gear and items, but it can completely change the way you play the game. It does this by providing you with power and lots of it.

  1. The Mekanism 4-tier machinery system allows you to literally double or triple the production of ingots, ore and mining. This means that players can harvest their world’s resources that bit more efficiently. The mod can alter almost everything about your Minecraft experience. The various generators available all work on sustainable energy. This means you can now use the abundant natural resources in Minecraft (like lava, sun and wind) to generate new energy for your grid – it’ll just take that much less effort to generate that precious RF to do cool stuff with.
  2. The many new items can also help with anything from providing more storage space, to getting a hold of new materials previously out of reach.


Do you need it?

In Minecraft you do not technically need any mods or customizations because the game is rich enough in content as is. But with a mod like Mekanism, it empowers you to do just so much more within your Minecraft world.

Because of the complexity of the mod, we don’t recommend it for beginner players. Intermediate and advanced players who have a firm grasp on energy mining and how to use it should be fine, however. For those who are advanced enough players, the Mekanism mod offers an invaluable boost to your gaming experience.



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