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Enjoy Minecraft Online For Free With the Minecraft Mineshafter

Minecraft MineshafterBy now you’re probably familiar with the 2011 blockbuster game Minecraft. It’s the highest selling PC game of all time. It also enjoys the position of second highest selling game ever, behind the mighty Tetris.

Minecraft costs about $27 today. The game is also available in demo mode through the game’s official website. Its creator, Marcus “Notch” Persson has stated many times that he doesn’t really care about piracy, which is probably the main reason why the Mineshafter method still works today.

Mineshafter is basically an alternate solution for those who want to enjoy the online capabilities (mostly the available skins) of the game, but don’t really want to pay for them.


Get the full version of the game for free by using Mineshafter

We don’t support piracy and therefore provide only links to information for educational purposes only. If you like the game, you should definitely buy a copy so you can enjoy absolutely all the great content, guilt-free.

Get Minecraft for free

For a one time fee you can play the game as long as you want legally and support the Minecraft community. Why put up with a lack of Online connectivity. While it is true that you can play online with Mineshafter and enjoy basically all features of the game without having to worry about the monetary impact, you won’t enjoy unlimited choice of servers. The official Microsoft servers are sketchy as it is, and they obviously welcome only paying customers. If you want to use Minecraft’s online features, you have to find an open server and that is not always an easy thing to do.


If you’ve read all this and still want to have a look there’s some links about Mineshafter below. We don’t think you should look at them though!


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