Minecraft One Command Mansion

About Building A Minecraft One Command Mansion

Minecraft one command mansionAs the name suggests, one command blocks can be created by using a single – albeit rather long – command. These can be found on pastebin.com or in any Minecraft forum or video that details the method.

Once you have copied the commands, you will be able to drastically change your Minecraft game-play experience by speeding up the building process.This is not for everybody, of course, a lot of gamers enjoy spending hours and hours meticulously building their own creations.

There are loads of examples of tremendous projects online. Many people are building or have already built huge cities from scratch or famous pop-culture and movie objects, but a lot of them want to complete their creation as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing a lot of their time.

This is where one command blocks and instant houses come into play. They severely reduce the time necessary to create something within the game. Once done, those creations can of course be changed and modified in any number of ways.


One command mansion advantage over mods

One command creations have several advantages over mods. One of them is easy access. A mod often has to be installed, not to mention that often they are not easy to find to begin with, making the whole process even more of a grind.

With a command block all you have to do is copy the command before activating it with a red-stone, a torch or a block. The second advantage is getting rid of unwanted blocks and creations. With one command blocks you can do this quite easily.

The only disadvantage one command items have over the modded ones is their general quality. Modded items are often enchanted and made to glow, offering unique qualities to players.

This is not necessarily present with the one command system but the payout is still too large to ignore. With the one command system the gameplay can be vastly different and just as rewarding.


How to do it

Minecraft one command mansionThe commands themselves are often quite long, so copying and pasting them is necessary. Once the player has entered them, they can activate the blocks they want.

With those blocks activated, the rest is pretty easy. Here’s some guidance for those struggling:

  1. Simply give yourself a command block using the command of your choice. There are dozens on the internet on almost every platform that has anything to do with the game. Once you have the block, you can put it pretty much anywhere you like.
  2. Copy and paste the long command into the console area. Once you have done that, you have to activate the command block. At that point various others will appear in front of you, along with some dropped items. If you have no intention of keeping those, you can simply pick them up before deleting them.
  3. If you are using a Redstone command, you have to replace all of the red stained glass with redstone blocks and at that point the system will activate, giving you additional items that can be used to create any number of things you want. They are easy to use, you simply have to right click on the ground while holding them.
  4. If you are using the Redstone command you can find some help here:The first item will create tiny sheds. The second will create a small house while the third will create a large mansion for you. It is extremely spacious but there is barely anything inside so a little follow up work is necessary.
  5. This is where the fourth item comes into the picture. By using that, you will have some great looking house plants that you can use for decoration.
  6. In addition to the house plants, you can of course make floors too, either wood or carpeted. The good thing about these items is that they will work in any of your slots, so you don’t have to think about where you will put them and you can experiment without any negative consequences that would mess up your gameplay experience. You can even create an instant swimming pool right outside your house.


In conclusion

The one command system offers a quick and convenient way of changing your Minecraft game play experience. Using these commands is much easier than doing the same thing with mods, which means that anybody can take advantage of them without too much effort and knowledge.



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