Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Apk Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE 0.14.0 ApkMinecraft’s Pocket Edition, and especially the latest version Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Apk is great for those players who want to enjoy their favorite game on the move. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you can’t get enough of this blocky adventure classic, or you simply don’t have a PC or console to play the original game on, Minecraft PE is for you. New features that are added in updates (like Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Apk) make the mobile version almost indistinguishable from the desktop game too.

The pocket version has a lot of fun random aspects going for it. While this edition is growing in popularity, many players still have no clue about many of the features. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting bugs and differences between this pocket edition and the desktop classic.

Be prepared, however, some of these might change the game play considerably.

Torches, Creepers and lighting glitches in Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Apk

Minecraft PEThe following glitches have been pointed out in the new Minecraft PE update:

  • You can put torches on interactive blocks.
  • Creepers cannot damage anything around it when exploding, only you.
  • Trees can emit light. Which is pretty bizarre and obviously a big programming glitch.


Edit your signs with a third party app

Yes, it is possible to edit all your signs if you are using a third party app. Make sure that you don’t download anything that could harm your device though. Forums are your friend, especially the official ones.


Things seem to happen faster in the pocket edition

Melons – for whatever reason – grow much faster than they do in the PC version. Seven times faster in fact.

While we are on the subject of growing, did you know that a grass block will grow faster if it touches another one? More nourishment I guess.

If you want to build super fast there is a glitch you can take advantage of. Try walking forward while using a bow, then immediately switch to a block and go to work with it! If the bug was triggered, you can now put down as many as seven blocks per second.


Flying instead of swimming, vibrate instead of standing

Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Apk bugsBugs, provided they are not game breaking, can actually add some interesting dynamics to games. They can also be pretty amusing at times. In the mobile version of Minecraft, for some reason, it’s really hard to swim up a waterfall. If you try try it, there’s a high probability that you will end up flying instead.

Also, when you draw your bow, your upper body might start to vibrate from the string tension.


Tips and tricks

Here are some tricks that can make your virtual life considerably easier:

  • Fences as doors: Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it’s actually a pretty cool trick. As much as we appreciate the low groan of a zombie, they can also be a real pain. With this little neat hack, the mindless fools will not know what hit them. When you use a fence as a door, they will not be able to step into your house, but you will still be able to whack them from a relatively safe distance!
  • How to mine diamonds fast: Go to the bedrock and dig blocks, precisely eleven of them. Keep digging and you will find more goodies, possibly even diamonds!
  • Build your very own sky high beanstalk: Find a tree, place a dirt block on its top and plant another tree! Or three. You can do that until you are bored or reached the giant at the end of the beanstalk. (There is no giant, sorry). Well, that is unless you build one of those as well, which you totally can! This is Minecraft after all.


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