Minecraft Premium: A Parents Guide To Buying Minecraft

Minecraft PremiumIf you have heard children talking continuously about the pickaxes, creepers and emeralds, there is a no doubt that they are talking about the Minecraft. Minecraft premium is a video game by Microsoft Corporation with more that 100 million users all over the world and was introduced in the year 2011.

Kids play their games against PCS, tablets and Smartphone with their user accounts also called the Minecraft Premium accounts.

If you have lot of free hours during the day, they can be best employed in the Minecraft gaming. The classic Minecraft game has unlocked features which can be played only when the user has a paid account also known as the Minecraft premium account.

The Minecraft premium account gives you an access to all the unlocked features of the game and you are able to build your city and house in the game pretty easily. However, this can cost you lot on your pocket, so much as you can lose all the money you must have saved in months.

Without a premium account you cannot build your city, nor can you defend from the opponent attack. There are however, many hacking options available over internet which are called online code generators and they can get you to the premium account free of cost.
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Minecraft Premium account advantagesThe advantages of buying a Minecraft premium account are:

  1. The classic prototype is only available on the free account whereas the premium account gives access to unlocked features of the full-fledged game.
  2. The Classic prototype which is available for free has not been updated since year 2009 and hence it is beneficial to update to the premium account
  3. Minecraft needs money from the players to improve the game and one defeats this motive by getting the game free (illegally).
  4. The premium account is safer and gives access to amazing Mojang services like the hypixel server and you can buy support services too with the account.
  5. Moreover, for the purchased games following are made available:
    • Mods for replacement in the Mojang.jar
    • More skins for playing single player/multiplayer
    • Combat tools
    • More blocks and items
    • Creating items and crafting

The Minecraft account can be bought from http://minecraft.net and it costs around $24. There is a twist in the game as the name has been migrated from Minecraft to Mojang which is the developer’s name. The accounts from Minecraft can be migrated to Mojang as this is the next step of the game.

This being a single sign on process, on logging to the Minecraft account one can easily access all the Mojang games. For people who log in with their email addresses, the Mojang account is already in place and there is no need of migration.

MojangLogoThe advantages of migrating to Mojang account are as follows:

  1. You will get access to Minecraft.com, Minecraft games as well as Mojang games all in one sign in.
  2. More account security as of the updated Mojang, like security questions
  3. No one can take your account over, because it is tracked
  4. Access to Minecraft Realms which is a multiplayer hosting server designed by Mojang, it allows 10 players to sign in at a time.
  5. The new Mojang support services are helpful for solving the technical issues that players face through Minecraft Troubleshooting.
  6. There is a Minecraft crash tool available to check when your crash happened and was it reported correctly and also lets you know if a bug fix is available which keeps the users informed and happy.
  7. Minecraft Support Forums are also set for players to post their queries and get them answered from fellow gamers.
  8. Minecraft Bug trackers track the bugs or problems you encounter while gaming and provide the fix.
  9. Minecraft Realms are responsible for fixing your connection issues and the general customer support is also available for solving technical issues.

Thus, Minecraft now known as Mojang is rightly praised for the thrilling experience and support it provides to users thus keeping them happy and satisfied and is surely to stay for another few decades in the gaming world.
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