Minecraft PS3 Update 1.25 Guide

Minecraft PS3 1.25 updatePS3 update 1.25 – Minecraft Lovers Rejoice!

Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang in the year 2011 that has become very popular, especially kids.

The company was soon taken over by Microsoft and the popularity has further increased with updates, developments and modifications.

The survival mode, creative mode and other gameplay modes of Minecraft keep excitement levels high while players explore randomly generated world’s. Players must maintain their health in survival mode or build mighty structures when playing in the equally entertaining creative mode.

When Microsoft bought the game in the year 2014 there was some confusion between fans as to whether updates would be released for iOS, PS3, PS4 or android devices. However, Microsoft have since confirmed that they will not stop posting updates for Minecraft products even for their rival platforms.

Minecraft lovers should all be excited now for the new version update that the company has released on April 6, 2016. After the version 1.8.8 which introduced new features like red deserts, ocean monuments and when the game was made available for PS3 and PS4, this update has been made available for all the consoles.

This update is called the 1.25 for PS3, PS4, and PS vita users while it is called the Patch 4 for TU34 and Wii lovers.It has been made available by Minecraft, Mojang and 4J studios in collaboration.

It is still in the process of being spread to the users and hence if you have not been able to update to version 1.25, you should soon be expecting the download automatically when you next play Minecraft.

Bug Fixes in Minecraft PS3 1.25 update

Minecraft PS3 1.25 updateThe good point about this update is that it comes with lot many updated skins and also fixes bugs of the previous versions, but it has fewer newly added features compared to the issues it fixes.

There is still some time for Minecraft to come up with a combat new update.

With the 1.25 PS3 update you get a new pack of skins though and lot of bug fixes which gives some solace. Although there are less new features introduced, the update has surely brought stability to the game.

The issues that are covered in this update are as follows:

  1. The issue that caused sprint activation to get more sensitive has been fixed.
  2. The bug related to Mushroom block textures has been fixed.
  3. The restriction that prohibited users to use third person camera while running or performing certain activities has been revoked.
  4. There was a bug because of which the Guardians would not spawn after a save and this bug has been finally fixed.
  5. Fix for the memory issue has also been provided and hence you will no longer get the “Failed to load” message while playing.
  6. The Ender dragon used to be immune due to a bug and this has been resolved.
  7. The thorn enchantment issue for players and also the one regarding teleporting players while they are in bed are resolved.
  8. Moreover, the issue which avoided game to be played in multiplayer mode due to some chunks in the Overworld has been revoked.
  9. Some other issues that are fixed are minor
    1. No icons in the item frame map.
    2. Witch huts submerged and the witch hut box was too small.
    3. The description of white tulip was not right.
    4. The item frames used to vanish at strange distances of drawing.
    5. Ill working of the maps has been solved.
    6. The doors have a weird texture when open.
    7. The grass positioning has been made perfect.

Sony Playstation familyFeatures of Minecraft PS3 1.25 update

  1. The Story mode skin pack has been added for players.
  2. Six new trophies have been added for playing.
  3. Minecraft sounds is a new feature added in the Audio settings.
  4. Sprint control has been improved for better game experience.
  5. There has been an addition of huge mushroom blocks for creative and superflat menu options.

After the Minecraft PS3 1.25 update a major combat update is expected soon,which will give new revamps of combat and mining. New cities, monsters, mobs, biomes, blocks, chorus trees and artifacts are also expected as a result of the new update.

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