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Minecraft too many itemsCreated by Marglyph, Minecraft Too Many Items is one of the most popular Minecraft mods around. Before we go into the details, here is the forum link from where you can easily download this modification before you’d put it into your Forge mods folder.

Too Many Items has a non-Forge version as well.


What it does?

The Too Many Items mod has a very straightforward function. It allows players to see each object in the game without having to type in any kind of command and also to put those items directly into the inventory. This makes the game-play experience more rewarding for some players.

Another important aspect of this mod is that it allows players to obtain infinite stacks of items, as well as granting them the ability to save as many as seven different inventories. When these stacks are not needed, they can simply be thrown out without any repercussions, whatsoever.



Minecraft too many itemsThe mod is currently compatible from version 1.2 up until 1.8, but it almost always works with the latest update.

If the player wants to make unlimited stacks, they need to use Modloader which can be downloaded from here. The Too Many Items mod runs without it, but not this function.

In order to run it, the players do not have to download any other mods outside of the Too Many Items modification, but if they use an earlier version than the 1.8 iteration, they may need the Modloader to make it work. In any case, installing the latest version is usually recommended.

How to use it?

If the mod is installed, there will be a menu on the screen during game-play, one that will show all the items the player has, including the blocks and any other items that wouldn’t even be available in the Creative mode of the game (the version that includes additional monsters Minecraft didn’t).

Once the mod is installed, the players can change the game mode to Survival whenever they please, just as it is possible to change the weather in the game, turning on or off snow and rain with the simple push of a button. Shift-clicking also works (it transfers the items between the chest and inventory).

InstallationMinecraft too many items

Installing Too Many Items is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is copy all the mod files into the Minecraft jar, then delete the META-INF file.

This is only necessary if you have an older version of the game. Players can download the new launcher more easily through the Minecraft Forge.

To run the mod in this way, players have to download the Forge, run it and simply click on the “install to client” button. Once this button is installed, players can simply “drag and drop” the Too Many Items mod file into the mods folder and voila, your new modification is ready for use.

Button list

  1. Trash Can Button = deletes all the items from the player’s inventory
  2. Sunrise Button = changes the time of day (to sunrise)
  3. Moonrise Button = changes the time of day (to sundown)
  4. Sun Button = changes the time of day (to noon)
  5. Moon Button = changes the time of day (to night)
  6. Rain Drop Button = changes the weather (it starts to rain)
  7. “C” Button = changes the game modes (from creative to survival)
  8. Creeper Button = changes the difficulty
  9. Heart Button = health and hunger values are restored to the original numbers
  10. Chest button = lists the player’s items
  11. Bottle button = the player is taken to a page where they can concoct their very own potions, being able to add different values to them (like duration and strength)
  12. Star button = the player is taken to his or her Favorite page. On that page the player can save various items.
  13. Firework button = the player is taken to a page where they can create their very own firework. Three different colors can be selected (the three colors are orange, red and blue), and there is a fading effect that makes the colors fade into one another.

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