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Minecraft Vehicle ModsYou’ve figured out the basics of the fantastic game of Minecraft, but now you want to get around in style – enter the wide and ever expanding world of Minecraft Vehicle Mods!

One of the greatest things about Minecraft, and the reason it’s so popular, is that you can do practically anything you want in it. It’s not a typical, storyline driven game with a bunch of specific challenges you have to complete in a certain sequence in order to see the end credits roll.

Of course, there is survival mode where you need to cover the basics like building a shelter before night so zombies don’t rip your head off. Once you get yourself established or if you’re playing in creative mode, your imagination is your only limiting factor.

Modifications are meant to alter the coding of Minecraft so some difficulties can arise when installing new mods and working with them for the first time.


What are Minecraft Vehicle Mods?

Since they are created by other players and not Mojang (Minecraft’s developer) they can only be installed onto your computer, not a game console. This is because the actual coding of the game must be altered, something that is much easier on a standard PC or Mac.

Like everything you download to your machine, you must be aware of possible security and computer health threats. These take the form of viruses or mal and adware. Modders should also be aware that some files may contain missing instructions etc. Unless you’re very experienced modding, we advise you to find one with clear instructions or seek the help of a Minecraft modding veteran.

Minecraft Vehicle ModsOwing to the amazing design opportunities afford by Minecraft Creative mode, an incredibly active community of players have come up with a whole host of vehicle modifications. This is where it gets exciting!

There’s tons of fun to be had with the various modes of transport that people have come up with and shared online. You can race with your friends or just roll into battle with them in your own tank. Either way there’s a great selection out there, you just have to find the instructions for them.


How to pick the right Minecraft Vehicle Mod for you

Do you fancy a really stylish ride, with tons of grunt under the hood? You can have one with the help of Minecraft modder, Keralis.

Make sure to look at his YouTube channel with tutorials on how to build Al Capone’s Cadillac, a Black Hawk helicopter, monster truck, a Harrier jet fighter, WWI Fokker DR1 Triplane, a WWII Spitfire fighter plane, or even a Hummer!

Maybe you’re a Star Wars fan? TheAtlanticCraft is a Youtube account with a connection to a Jedi Mod. This is a good resource for videos but even better perhaps is AZminecraft. Here you’ll find even more information and up-to-date information on their Star Wars mods. It’s got all the Star Wars/Minecraft crossover goodies you could want. From walkers to droids and everything inbetween. They’ve even got a Millenium Falcon!

Of course, ATVs and bikes are fun to fool around with and GetMinecraft has lots of obstacle courses you can run and all types of vehicles. Dirt bikes are a great feature for hours of racing fun with your friends. You can jump and not worry about destroying your bike… you may die, but your bike shouldn’t.


Some more examples of Minecraft Vehicle Mods

Archimedes Ships Mod from 6Minecraft is also a stunning engineering feat. Make sure you have at least 40% balloons or the ship won’t take off. You can move your vessel using W, A, S, and D keys, Z to take off, and X to land. Ships can be a maximum of 2045 blocks initially but can be reconfigured.

To use any of these mods, you need to “teach” Minecraft to use them or the program will ignore your mod folders and files until you install Forge.


Why use Minecraft Vehicle Mods

Minecraft TruckRemember that Minecraft has a very active online community – especially on YouTube – and you can get some serious bragging rights with a well designed vehicle. Eventually, you may even want to make your own Mod and show it off to your friends and the rest of the Minecraft world.




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