Minecraft Werewolf Mod

Minecraft Werewolf ModMinecraft is a game series where the player digs, or mines and builds, or crafts different resources and items. They can use blocks made from various materials to construct whatever their imagination desires. There’s a huge 3D world of mountains to climb, chasms to explore and zombies to behead.

Players must use gathered resources to survive and thrive in the sometimes hostile landscape that the game generates. This includes farming crops and animals, creating an arsenal of weaponry and mining for rare and useful minerals below the ground.

Being a ‘sandbox’ style game, there’s a whole host of options and game variants available. You can play a single or multi-player game and the world that is generated each time is unique. As well as the aforementioned, more traditional, survival, mode of playing Minecraft, players can also opt for a creative mode. It’s here that most of the serious Minecraft modding takes place.


Minecraft Howling MoonWhat are Mods?

Mods are variations to the original Minecraft game code. Creative players introduce elements into the game and form various structures out of them, creating fantastic additions to the game. Today’s lesson is all about the awesome Minecraft Werewolf Mod.


Werewolf Mod

One really cool modification was introduced by developers, Mojang, recently. It’s known as the the “Howling Moon” mod and it allows the player to take form of a werewolf.

Just like in the movies, the werewolf is much more powerful than your default avatar. This fierce modification will definitely make you much more formidable in battle.

There are, however, some rules for transforming into a werewolf. The player must be bitten by a wolf at night to begin the transformation. After the bite, the player will change into a beast every full moon, unless they are indoors.



Other important points about the werewolf character.

  1. In the werewolf form, the skin of the character turns into werewolf skin and is visible only to other players.
  2. Players become identifiable as werewolves when they turn into werewolves in the player list.
  3. In open sky and on a full moon night, a player turns into a wolf automatically.
  4. At dawn the werewolf turns back to human character.
  5. Werewolves have extra hunting strength.
  6. Werewolves only eat meat.
  7. They move faster and jump higher.
  8. Werewolves cause high damage.
  9. They cannot armor while in the form, but have natural defense which is very high.
  10. You can use a command to make your werewolf growl and howl.
  11. Werewolves are very susceptible to silver weapons.
  12. Vampires cannot catch werewolf form only humans can.
  13. They are natural leaders of wild wolves and are creatures that live in packs.
  14. When a werewolf dies, the character turns human again.
  15. Players can cure werewolf infections by drinking the cure potion of a  werewolf.


Clans of werewolf

There are three clans of werewolves.

  1. The Silvermanes – Grey
  2. The Bloodmoons – Black
  3. The Witherfangs – Cosmic

These clans are ranked according to hunting powers and gain points on killing creatures from rival clans. Clan Alfa is the senior-most werewolf in every clan and has super abilities namely, causing double damage and takes half damage when attacked.

Werewolves mature and gain more control with each full moon transformation. For example:

  • Three transformations – player does not drop items while transforming
  • Five transformations –  with werewolf command
  • Ten transformations  – No damage from gold items.


Werewolf mod hunting

Minecraft Werewolf ModIn the werewolf hunting mode the game provides, players are awarded a bounty for hunting werewolves. They can locate the werewolf with a compass and map and go earn some loot!

Players can easily switch back to normal mode with the werewolf hunting mode turned off.


Curing werewolves and infection portions

A player can use a werewolf potion to cure themselves from a werewolf infection or to get reinfected. For catching infection, the player must drink the potion on a full moon night only. The potion will only work to cure the infection if used in human form.

Last but not the least on this mod is werewolf trophies. These are a form of achievement in the game. The trophy is the head of a werewolf after slashing any wolf without a weapon.



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  • HOLY COW!! You have my favorite mod I have 2 actually the werewolf mod and the fnaf mod! BUT THIS IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!!! YAY FOR Werewolf mod!!! 😀

  • (spoofed from below the surface) Listen close follow my instructions there is no time for introductions he was the one that made us you will be the one to save us. In the night welcome to MINECRAFT. In the SHADOWS are you feeling nervous. They want to curse you I just want to meet you. In the night did we deserve this in the night. DADDY Please!! You won’t find me. It’s a shame we’ll help with the brain freeze. The night lit up by the moonlight. So prepare all your weapons. In the night. prepare for your doom. Bring your sword. and your best armor. So ill one day come and protect you so I will be first and you’ll
    be LAST. How was it guys and I hope you like it! YAY FOR WEREWOLF MOD! 😀

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