What Is Minecraft Battle?

Minecraft battleThe folks at Minecraft and Microsoft have just kicked up the console game-play several notches with the launch of “Minecraft Battle”. This is the first of many FREE updates for Minecraft: Console Edition.

Do not worry if you do not own the full classic game; these mods can be purchased as standalone mini-games.


How Minecraft Battle is the same

minecraft battle mini gameThe Minecraft community has been duking it out since the game was first released onto the internet.

Minecraft has become more and more expansive, especially after the publication of The Hunger Games, which inspired a cornucopia of death-match modifications.

All the components function just the same as they do in the classic game with health, swords, and armor all doing what you’d expect. And, if you hack and slash your way through another player you’ll be able to loot their items.

As with other mods, you can team up with other players, but remember, in the end there can only be one victor. Choose your allegiances well.


How Minecraft Battle is different

minecraft battle mini gameYour Battle begins in a pre-built arena where your goal is to vanquish the seven other players who were also spawned there. It’s up to you to be the last Steve standing!

There are no portals or forts you can construct, no supply inventory for you to rifle through. In other words, you cannot mod anything in the “Battle” world.

In true fight-to-the-death form, you are thrown into an arena and, well, fight to the death like just like in the “Survival Games” mods.

At the beginning of the battle, there are a few brief moments of invincibility that allow players to race around and grab whatever supplies they can, and then it is game on. Time to duel, en garde!

Your console game play can support up to four players in split-screen mode, or connect with up to eight players through the internet if that option is enabled.

The Battle is timed, so you’re up against the clock. If you lose any of your inventory, the loot chests regenerate, but you’ve got to be quick about it.

The battles only last about five minutes, and there’s blood in the water. What will be your strategy? Will you survive by hiding in large but manageable worlds or make allegiances with other players? Your strategic decisions will mean the difference between victory and defeat.


How Minecraft Battle is betterMinecraft battle

If you are just in the mood to wreak havoc, then “Battle” is where it’s at. You don’t have to spend time in setting up a fortress and such, worlds are pre-made.

Although there is no player modification available in this mini-game, you can choose to battle friends in a smaller group (up to eight players in total) on your gaming console, through split-screen, or connect with others with their Live account.

Alternatively, have the game match you with others. Just like in other mods, your sole motivation is to defend your stack.

The game itself connects players of similar combat styles, so your skills will never get stale and mastering the world is unlikely, even though players are unable to modify it.


How Minecraft Battle is played

There are three maps that are on constant rotation, so there is really no telling what you are going to get.

There are a few, all-too-brief seconds of invincibility for players to smash and grab everything they can from the loot chests before high-tailing it to safety until the time comes to engage in battle.

If you do not manage to survive, you’ll be regenerated as a bat and can swoop down on surviving players to disrupt game-play. It can be great fun to screw with the remaining players strategies, much to their annoyance.



  • Console only
  • Update for full game or standalone mini-game
  • Pre-built worlds save prep time
  • Battle timers countdown
  • Loot chests are automatically refilled
  • Invincibility early in the match
  • Five-minute battles
  • Smaller, easy to master worlds
  • In-game matchmaker to connect you with other players of similar gaming styles
  • Console-only Minecraft update or standalone mini-game
  • For Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U
  • Battle for up to eight players
  • Up to four players can battle in split-screen multiplayer mode

The Summer of Survival commenced in June, 2016, with the release of Minecraft “Battle” update and mini game. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and it just continues to get better.



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