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What is it?

If you are into video games then you already must have heard of Minecraft game. Minecraft game has added further variety to sandbox video games since its launch in 2011. As all sandbox games, Minecraft game too frees the player of the traditional structure and directions of playing.

The game lets the player choose how they wish to approach the available choices in content. Minecraft is a creative game that enables the players to use textured cubes for building constructions in a 3D world. Apart from the construction, players also explore, gather resources and combat in the game to complete the construction.

Creationminecraft guy

Originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson, these games were finally completed and published by Mojang. In May 2009, the alpha version of the game was released. After that the game underwent multiple changes and the full version of the game was launched in 2011.

The Android version of the game was launched in October 2011 and the iOS version was launched in November 2011. Though the game was officially released in 2011, the alpha version of the game created a buzz in the gaming community and everybody seemed to love the game.

What kind of game is it?

A tour of the game: Minecraft is a game about discovery, creativity, community, loneliness and despair. But most importantly it is a game about survival. The game begins with a player alone in a wilderness. The system randomly generates the environment of this wilderness and keeps expanding it when the player travels around.

What’s impressive about the game is that the starting point and the environment varies for each player. It could be a desert, a forest or an island. The suspense is built from the quietness at the beginning. But players are not aware of the fact that the monsters can show up from any area that are dark.

The sun lasts only to give the player a feel of the elements and then it starts getting dark. The survival instincts of the players kick in during their first night when they are faced with different kinds of difficulties.

The lessons of safety and security are learned during the first night and next day on wards begins the struggle for safety. Players search for materials like wood to build a hut and create some tools. And along with building a safe zone for himself, the player begins bonding with Minecraft. Each day and more importantly, each night teaches a new lesson.

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Torches serve as sources of light that help in keeping the monsters away. Players spend nights after nights on the roofs of their huts and realize how lonely they are. However soon players realize the need to build stone houses than wooden huts. Again begins the hunt for materials and construction ideas. During their explorative journeys, players come across various geometric materials that give them innovative constructive ideas. How well a player uses these materials depends on his creativity.

Advantagesminecraft sword

While from a gaming perspective, the need to expand from a basic hut is very little, the human tendency to take risks and explore propel the player to move further. The sense of achievement after destroying a monster or creating a new piece of safe housing keeps the players going. For players who aren’t too adventurous, the multi-player capability of the game comes into picture. Collaborating and interacting with other players changes the dynamics of the games entirely. What looked like an insane thing to do becomes a new adventure when played with others.

The sense of community and bonding builds when players interact with each other. The way they connect to keep each other safe is a great display of evolution of human settlement. Players form settlements, share the resources they have gathered and begin working together to create common facilities like a perimeter wall, gardens or farms. Sometimes they even choose to build shops and markets and thus creativity sores high.

Review of the game

The servers of Minecraft offer different online worlds to their players. Some are easier with long daylight while some are rough and dark worlds. In some, finding the materials is not very difficult while in others construction materials even require building tools to be able to use them. This vast variety has kept the players engaged with the game year over year.

While some gamers might find Minecraft over simplified, the charm of the game comes from the fact that it is very easy to play. One does not need any specific gaming skills to be able to play this game. The building materials that one encounters differ visually to explain that their properties are different too. How one uses the properties of the materials to his advantage is left to the creativity of the player. The joy of being able to use the materials in unique way add to the pleasure of gaming.


  • Highly creative. Does not restrict the player and lets the player use his own imagination
  • Simple and easy to play
  • Gives a strong sense of survival and community building
  • Varying experiences of different environments keeps the game interesting


  • Is best enjoyed on PC. The world is much smaller when played on Xbox
  • Sometimes finding the materials can be very tough

Accolades and future prospects:

Minecraft received 5 awards at the Game Developers Conference in 2011.The game was launched on Xbox in 2012 and on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in 2013 and 2014 respectively. On Wii U the game was released in December 2015. As of June 2015, over 70 million copies of the game had been sold making Minecraft the best-selling PC game till date and third best-selling video game of all times. Along with many other accolades, Minecraft also won the Golden Joystick award in 2012. Microsoft acquired Majong and ownership of Minecraft in November 2014 for $2.5 billion.

In January 2016 Microsoft has announced that it will launch a new educational tool from Minecraft called Minecraft: Education Edition (or MinecraftEDU) for classroom use. Thus apart from gaming Minecraft is also finding a place in educational tools.





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